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Traditional cider is a naturally fermented beverage made from apple juice. It was THE drink for Americans from Revolutionary times until Prohibition. Montana CiderWorks honors 100 years of sustainable agriculture in Montana by offering exceptional English-style ciders crafted from Bitterroot Valley apples. Awards...

North Fork Traditional Hard Cider Darby Pub Cider McIntosh CiderSmall Batch Limited Release Cider
North Fork Traditional Hard Cider

North Fork, Semi-Dry English Style Cider: Golden, gently bubbly, with true cider flavor. Expressive bittersweet apple character with wood, grass & smoke notes; this semi-dry cider balances faintest sweetness against sharpness, astringency, and tart fruit. Alcohol 7% by volume. 750ml and 500ml bottles.

Our North Fork traditional cider was awarded a Gold Medal and Runner-Up/Best in Show at the 2017 Portland International Cider Cup. It gained a Gold medal at the 2016 Great Lakes International Cider Competition. SIP Northwest magazine awarded it Best Traditional Apple Cider.

The blend includes hard-to-find traditional cider apples & crab apples alongside Bitterroot Valley apples.

North Fork offers a clean, aromatic finish that enhances the flavor of savory foods. Pairs wonderfully with spicy (ethnic) foods, game bird dishes, and hor d’oeuvres with strong cheeses.


Darby Pub Cider

Darby Pub Cider, Semi-Dry New World Style Cider: An approachable, effervescent cider made for sharing with friends. By coaxing subtle flavors from a blend of Bitterroot Valley apples through a gentle fermentation process, then adding back a bit of sweet juice, we created a fruit-forward experience perfect for drinking anytime. Appley with wood, spice & Mac notes; a medium semi-dry cider. Alcohol 5% by volume. 500ml bottles.

Darby Pub Cider was awarded a Gold medal at the 2018 Great Lakes International Cider Competition, a Gold medal at the 2017 Royal Bath & West Show (United Kingdom), Best of Show at the 2016 Portland International Cider Cup, and a Silver medal at the 2015 GLINTCAP. SIP Northwest magazine awarded it Best Traditional Apple Cider in 2016.

The crisp clean flavor of Darby Pub Cider is a prefect complement to light fare, and a wonderful après de lawn mowing refreshment.


McIntosh Cider

McIntosh, Medium Sweet Single Variety Cider: Our McIntosh cider features Bitterroot Valley apples, long considered the world’s finest growing region for this heirloom cider apple. It is here this fruit fully develops its characteristic flavor and floral aroma. The intensely flavorful juice ferments to a medium- sweet cider that is both fruity & tart with a note of cinnamon. Alcohol 6% by volume. 500ml bottles.

McIntosh earned a Silver Medal in Cidercraft Magazine's 2017 Cider Competition and a Silver medal at the 2016 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition. SIP Northwest magazine awarded it Best Varietal Cider in 2014 & 2015.

Delightful on its own or paired with grilled pork or poultry.


Dolgo Small Batch Limited Release Cider

Small-Batch: Dolgo, Semi-Dry Single Variety Cider: 100% Dolgo. Crisp with green apple notes. The cider is oak-aged which rounds out the profile with vanilla and pie crust notes. Try it paired with a hammock in the backyard.

Gold medalist, 2017 Great Lakes International Cider Competition.

The Dolgo crab apple is renowned as a pollinator tree and as a blending juice due to its over-the-top acidity. Now we see that it also makes a kick-ass cider. ABV 5.5%, 500ml bottles.

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