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Trinity County Superior Court Judge Michael Mike HarperStatement - I have been your Trinity County Superior Court Judge for nearly two years now. For 20 years before that, I was a prosecutor, appearing in court almost every day. I have also been involved in thousands (yes, thousands) of cases including civil, small claims, family law, probate, dependency and criminal matters. more...

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Bruce Haney, Sheriff, Trinity County
Lorrac Craig, former Trinity County Sheriff
Mike Rist, Undersheriff, Trinity County
Dave Laffranchini, retired Trinity County Undersheriff
Hal Ridlehuber, Chief Probation Officer, Trinity County
Terry Lee, retired Trinity County Chief Probation Officer
Garth Pedrotti, Marshal, Trinity County
Margie Lee, Human Response Network Director
Jerry Cousins, retired Human Response Network Director
Laura Woods, Public Defender, Trinity County
Larry Olsen, Public Defender, Trinity County
Megan Marshall, Deputy District Attorney, Trinity County
Anthony Alpert, local attorney
John Kucera, local criminal defense attorney
Jeffrey Schwartz, local criminal defense attorney
Jody Burgess, local attorney
Anne Murphy Kelley, attorney
Angie Bickle, Trinity County Auditor
Darlene Roberson, Court Reporter, Trinity County
Kathleen Graham, Superintendent Burnt Ranch Elementary School
Gerald Bakarich, retired Superior Court Judge
Chuck Sanborn, retired TCSO Sergeant
Matt Hudson, retired attorney & local prosecutor
Joanna Correll, retired local attorney
Jeanette Palla, retired local attorney and prosecutor
Tim Saxon, retired CHP Captain
Gerald Harper, retired Placer County Chief Probation Officer
Robert Kelley, retired Sacramento Police Lieutenant
Judy Pfleuger, former Trinity County Supervisor
Howard Myrick, former Trinity County Supervisor
Jim French, retired Superintendent of Trinity County Schools
Dero Forslund, retired Trinity County Clerk-Recorder
Marilyn Myrick, retired Superintendent, Douglas City and Trinity Center Schools
Mike Regan, retired PG&E Manager
Bob Fox, Kathy Fox, Kim Proctor, and hundreds of others...

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About Mike Harper - I was born in 1967, the youngest of five children. Dad was a probation officer. Mom was a Courtroom clerk. I visited them at work. I loved watching the Court proceedings. more...

About the Court - In California, a Superior Court Judge hears criminal and civil cases, both jury and non-jury. The Judge listens to these cases and applies the proper legal authority. In non-jury cases the Judge hears witnesses and renders a decision. If there is a jury trial, more...

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  • june 7 - ELECTION DAY
    Where you might also see Judge Harper:
  • april 15 - Lewiston Bingo
  • april 16 - Golden Age Center, Weaverville
  • april 23 - Roderick Bingo, Hayfork
  • may 1 - Community Band, TAPAC, Weaverville
  • may 5 - Taco Dinner, Coffee Creek
  • may 14 - Trinity High School's 'Run Thru Colors' | Children's Festival | Hayfork Wine & Cheese Gala
  • may 19 - Douglas City School
  • may 24 - Trinity County Schools Track Meet
  • may 25 - Trinity High School Scholarship Awards
  • may 28 - No One Should Go Hungry, Douglas City

Trinity County Superior Court Judge Michael Mike Harper, being sworn inNews
  • june 7 - Harper Wins, 7:3...
  • may 25 - Trinity Journal Editor chooses Harper! link...
  • may 17 - Candidates Night in Burnt Ranch.
  • may 10 - Candidates Night in Hayfork, sponsored by Hayfork Chamber of Commerce.
  • april 28 - Candidates Night in Douglas City.
  • april 19 - Judge Harper spoke and answered questions at Candidates Night, Mad River, sponsored by AARP.
  • april 13, 2016 - Sheriff Haney endorses Judge Harper! more...
  • april 13, 2016 - Candidates Night at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, Weaverville, hosted by Soroptimist International of Trinity County. There was a big crowd. Retired Superior Court Judge John Letton was moderator. Judge Harper gave concrete examples of experience and action he has been and is currently engaged in. video... & photos...
  • april 7, 2016 - Over 80 people attended the Meet Judge Mike Harper event at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, Weaverville. There was food and drink, and music by Ben Harper and Hal Olieri. Judge Harper spoke of the responsibilities of the job, the critical importance of criminal-law experience, and his philosophy of respect for all. photos...
  • february 17, 2016 - Two file for judge position. more...
  • june 27, 2014 - Michael Harper sworn in as Superior Court Judge. more...

Contact - "I would be honored if you would contact me to learn more about my pride in Trinity County and my dedication to serve as your Superior Court Judge." - Judge Michael Harper.