Expertise - over 20 years prosecuting a wide variety of criminal cases, well versed in constitutional, civil, dependency, and appellate law.
Strong Work Ethic - prepares for court every single day, thorough legal research, always on time.
Dedicated to Justice - protects rights of all parties, supports victims, devoted to drug treatment programs.
Committed to Trinity County - 6th generation Trinity County family, active community volunteer.

"Trinity County is currently in a state of emergency as a result of the devastating Carr Fire. Our community will stand strong to overcome this terrible disaster. Our District Attorney’s Office will not tolerate anyone who attempts to take advantage of our good citizens. We will actively prosecute those who commit looting activities. Looting crimes carry mandatory jail sentences, and people who commit looting crimes will be incarcerated. As your current District Attorney, I am dedicated to keeping our community safe and my office will prosecute these crimes to the fullest."    - Megan Dean Marshall, Trinity County District Attorney, August 2, 2018

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Megan Marshall, Deputy District Attorney for Trinity County, announces her candidacy for the Trinity County Superior Court.

Marshall attended Stanford University, and earned her law degree at UC Davis. A veteran prosecutor, her courtroom experience spans 20 years, including over a hundred criminal trials. After 17 years with the Placer County DA, she was hired here.

Megan’s deep experience in prosecution and her local connections to Trinity County make her a tremendous addition to our staff. ... With her background and experience she will fit in perfectly. We are lucky to add such a wonderful person to our staff and to our community.    - Trinity County District Attorney's Office press release, 2013

Marshall also taught criminal justice at Sierra College.

The election is in June, 2018.

Megan Marshall traces Trinity County roots to her great-great grandfather, Dennis Rourke Sr., who arrived here in the 1800s, to found the Rourke Ranch, Hayfork (still operated and managed today by Mike Rourke). Great-great grandfather Amos Marshall was the first Trinity County Clerk-Assessor, local postmaster, and the founding member of the Old Settlers of Trinity County. Grandparents Bob and Agnes Marshall lived in the historic Marshall house next to the Trinity Courthouse for over seventy years. (Bob owned Trinity County Sand and Gravel. Agnes taught elementary school here. She passed away recently, at age 104.) The candidate's father Robert D. Marshall practiced law for over thirty years for the State Attorney General.

Trinity County's Superior Court adjudicates many types of legal matters, but the great majority of the workload are criminal cases.

It is important for our judge to be educated and experienced in criminal law and to understand proper courtroom procedure. The judge is responsible for properly applying the law to each individual case, and should promote respect and honor in our justice system.

Trinity County deserves a judge who will appear in court on time, prepared, and ready to decide complicated issues of law. I carefully prepare for court every single day. I have over twenty years of experience in the courtroom and criminal law. I will make intelligent and consistent legal decisions. As your judge, I will insure that justice is provided fairly and equitably.    - Megan Marshall

Marshall is dedicated to improving Trinity County's legal system.

Marshall has over 20 years' experience with Drug Court programs. Unfortunately, the Presiding Judge chose to terminate such programs 6 years ago.

A successful drug court program is absolutely critical here in Trinity County. My experience will help insure that drug addicts receive the treatment they need to stop the endless cycle of use and abuse.    - Megan Marshall

And she is dedicated to Trinity County.

  • Soroptimist Club Treasurer.
  • Rotary Club Scholarship Committee.
  • Volunteer to Trinity Little League, and Trinity High School football and flag football teams.
  • Aided victims of the Helena fire.

She and husband Brian have two sons, John Marshall and Robert Jackson Marshall (the fifth Robert Marshall in Trinity). John plays football for Trinity High School and enjoys basketball, baseball, and track and field. John also plays tenor saxophone. Jackson loves to cook and enjoyed competing in the Dutch Oven Cook-off. Jackson also plays soccer, basketball, flag football, and baseball (both Little League and Junior Wolves).

When I brought my husband Brian to his first Trinity County Fourth of July, he immediately connected with my favorite place. Our best memories are camping at Tannery Gulch, jumping off cliffs into Trinity Lake, counting down the New Year at The New Yorker, and catching TWO seven pound small mouth bass on the same day! When I was offered the job at the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office, we jumped at the chance to raise our family here.    - Megan Marshall

At the historic Marshall home, Court St, Weaverville.

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