Mar 2, 1960

Dinner Committee--Martin Roswold, Vernon Ryan, Sten Sheppard, Robert Spann, Lyle Taylor.


Last meeting Karl Van Matre, Jim Grigsby, Harry Bailey, and Brad Miller were voted to be taken into the regular department.


Should have mentioned this before but it slipped our mind. Shortly after the Winegardner fire they donated $30 to our social fund. Thanks a lot!

One guest at our last meeting--Bud Jackson of Hayfork.


It's Orland, Saturday, March 19. We received word from them and refreshments will be served after the parade. If we plan to pump, it might be a good idea to squirt on a little oil and soak up the pump leathers a little.


- Vernon Ryan, of Ryan's Store, the present Olson Stoneware.
- Karl VanMatre, son of Pete VanMatre (WFD Volunteer Captain, descended from Trinity pioneers), rose to Captain rank.
- 'Orland' likely refs a muster with the Handpumper.