Mar 4, 1970

Refreshment Committee: Dave Crosswhite, Bob Davidson, Dick De Rosier, Dick Dragseth, Pug De Witt.


Drill, March 4, Adams and McDonald Apartments. Visit and preplan. March 18, Church and Court Streets. Truck spotting, etc.


We have some check lists for the captains to have their operators check after returning to the fire station from a call.


We have asked for the motion picture "The Noble Breed" for our April 1 meeting.


We really owe a vote of thanks to the Howe Fire Apparatus Company for the cooperation given us in taking the bugs out of Number 8.


Oil and Gas Fire School, June 12 and 13, Weaverville.

Here is a revised list; if you are not satisfied, please let the board of directors know:

Supervising Engineer, C.Hiett.
Assistant. R.Lovely.

8 Company (8 and 10):
I.Butler, Acting Captain. G.Files, Acting Lt.
A.Oberst, J.Root, J.Garbe, R.Dragset, D.Amondson and J.Johnson, days.

No. 10:
P.Van Matre, Acting Lt.
K.Loomis and R.Armstrong.

7 Company:
B.Miller, Acting Capt. K.Van Matre, Acting Lt.
H.Jones, H.Bailey, J.Bickle, V.Mortensen, K.Stampfli, D.Crosswhite and Hanlon and Kay, days.

6 Company (6 and 9):
J.Hanlon, Acting Capt. J.Grigsby, G.Kay, G.Peters, No. 9 J.Johnson, Acting Lt. R.Davidson.

121 Company:
R.Desoear, Acting Capt. F.Smith.

15 Company (Rescue):
R.Lovely, Acting Capt. C.Chase.

Radio Dispatchers: J.Brown, Jr. E.Baxter.
Medics: Dr. Polka and H.Lovely.
Police and Traffic: Dave Story, Sgt. G.Brown, R.Erickson, L.Williams, T.Kelly, H.McClintock and W.Norman.


It doesn't put beans in the belly, but many thanks to "Mo" Lovely for the weeks spent working on the equipment.

A test was made on the plectrons. How many were not working?




- 'The Noble Breed', judging by an internet search, may have been based on a book by William Cosgrove, which, according to Amazon, "takes his readers into the harrowing lives of Chicago firefighters".
- Some of the names are familiar: Cecil Hiett, truck driver; Robert "Mo" Lovely; George Files, County Coroner; Pete VanMatre; Ken Loomis, County Supervisor; Richard Armstrong; Brad Miller; Karl VanMatre, Pete's son; Jack Bickle; Virgil Mortensen; Jerry Hanlon, contractor; Dick DeRosear; Fred Smith (we were called to his cardiac arrest last month); Dr. Michael Polka, physician and County Health Officer; Howard Lovely, Mo's father; Dave Story and Bob Erickson, CHP; Gil Brown, CHP and later Sheriff of Trinity County; Tom Kelly, long-term Sheriff of Trinity County, later ran 'The Nugget' cafe'.
- '121' was an OES engine entrusted to WFD.
- 'Plektron' was the brand name of the 'pager' of the day. Non-portable (about the size of a toaster), they ran off house current.
- Hap Miller was WFD Volunteer Chief from 1939 to 1974.