Weaverville Fire Department Support Services

Minutes, Meeting May 7, 2014 5:00 p.m.

125 Bremer Street


I.                 Call to Order/Introductions: Called to order by President, Tina Scott at 5:05 p.m. Members present: Larry H., Elizabeth, Briana, Lona, Bonnie E., Shellie, Betty, Scott, Bonnie M., Treasurer Marjie, and Secretary Lisa.  Introducing new members: Josie, and Lewis.


II.               Approve Minutes of April 2, 2014


III.              Reports:

A. Treasurer: (Marjie) – Advertising expenses for egg hunt and Mother’s Day roses.

B. Events: (Tina) Easter Egg Hunt Basket had - $60.00 gift certs for Mountain Valley Grill, $50.00 gift cert Trinideli, $25.00 gift cert Shear Delight, $15.00 gift cert Trinity Treasures and Treats, Coffee Mug from Olson’s Stoneware, $75.00 gift certificate from Mountain Valley Pacific Floors, Foot Massager, llama droppings from Mamma Llama, original painting from Ann Jordan, Patchwork Tile flower pot, three bunny stuffed animals and a load of candy!  Thank you – Betty, Ted, Roan, Lisa, Briana, Marjie, and Elizabeth and Larry Horrocks.  The winners were – Krista Hymas, Laurie Cooke, and Michele Richer.


IV.             Action Items:

A. Support for Scott and Tania (Lisa) – Scott mentioned he would accept the help if he will be going through treatments.  Lisa will set up after he finds out.  No action taken.

B. Children’s Festival (May) (general discussion) – The State Farm Fire Safe House may not be ready in time due to some delays.  Betty will offer her trailer to use for anything the Fire Department or Support Services needs it for.  If anyone is available to help with the Children’s Festival, please let Lisa know.  Betty will have her miniature horse at the event.  Discussion on Tania and Bonnie E., making a custom blanket for the horse to reflect the support services.

C. Mother’s Day Roses (May) (Ted) – Roses are ordered.  Will be picked up Friday or Saturday before the event – anyone interested in preparing the roses please contact Lisa.

D. Bingo (June) (Vicki and Marjie) – Lona offered approx. 7 tea cups, silver spoons and saucers to auction off at the bingo events.  There will be a silent auction to raise money for the dorms at Station One.  Bingo is changed to June 22 and the September date is the same, September 21.  Tuesday May 13th is practice – all are welcome to come and participate.  Discussion on free finger foods and drinks.

E. Muster Practices (July) (Tina) – Discussion on mixing up the Departments for the events and having teams to make it more competitive.  For the bake sale, everyone bake and donate something to sell.  Lisa will get sign-ups in June.

F. Bake sale fund raiser for Muster event (Bonnie M & Lisa) – Discussed in previous item.


V.               Unit Reports:

A.  Logistics: (Tania) – No report

B.  EMS Support: (Serena) – Discussion on medical bags needing to be checked on a regular basis; rescue bag more often.

C.  Maintenance: (Bonnie M.) – Discussion on S.S. having a garden at Station Two.  Marjie will talk to Keith about it and get it organized.

D.  Technology: (Lisa) – Mike is keeping the website updated.  Discussion on Abbey’s Corner.  Suggestion to have a link in the website to allow orders such as the roses or t-shirts; can go to Clerk’s e-mail.

E.   Public Events/Education: (Lisa) – Discussed previously in meeting


VI.             Open Forum and Topics for Next Meeting:  Recruitment and retention meetings are the last Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. anyone is welcome to come.  Larry H. is getting a quote to print up larger quantities of the recruitment flyers.  Lona mentioned that Crystal Springs Water Co. may be giving free water to Fire Departments; Lisa will call to find out.  Short discussion on the Christmas sleigh; Ted is too busy right now to continue to head this up, if anyone would like to take over the project, please do so.  Chamber mixer will be on June 19 at 6:30 p.m.; light foods will be served.  We will need helpers to prepare and serve the food.  Rotary luncheon May 20, Scott will set up.  Soroptimist luncheon will be Thursday May 22, Marjie will set up.  Scott would like to thank everyone who helped with the training at Shasta College.   


VII.            Adjourn:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.