Weaverville Fire Department Support Services


June 1, 2016 1730


Call to Order/ Welcome new members:  Meeting called to order at 1735. Members present: Serena, Briana, Betty, Bonnie, Herk, Tania, Scott and Lisa.  

Approve minutes May 4th meeting: M/S/C Brown/Alvord, S. to approve minutes as submitted

Officers Report:

A.     President: Rose sale went well, had to sell in front of Ace Hardware, Children’s festival-WFD was a no show, SCHMRT lunch went well, Joe Morrell needs to take his freezer back.

B.     Treasure’s Report: $471.31 profit made from Mother’s Day Roses

C.     Logistics: No report.

Action Items:

A.     July 4th pancake breakfast and open house – Sign-up sheets on board.  Scott and Tania put together a self-guided tour.  June 29 at 6:30 p.m. is the station clean-up day for the 4th of July events.

Committee Reports:

A.     EMS Support: No Report

B.     Station Maintenance: No report

C.     Equipment Maintenance: No report

D.     Web Technology: No report

E.     Marketing: No report

Open Forum and Topics for next meeting:  Relay for Life is September 10th if anyone is interested in participating, contact Serena.

Adjourn at 1749 hrs.