Weaverville Fire Department Support Services

Minutes, Meeting August 5, 2015 5:00 p.m.

125 Bremer Street


I.                 Call to Order/Introductions: Called to order by President, Lisa Guglielmina at 5:03 p.m. Members present:  Kathy, Betty, Elizabeth, Larry H., Shellie, Tania, Herk, and Bonnie. 


II.               Approve Minutes of June 4, 2015 – MSC Emmons B./Alvord T. to approve the minutes of the June 4, 2015 meeting, as presented.


III.              Reports:

A. President: (Lisa) – Lisa reported on Open House and 4th of July weekend events.

B. Treasurer: (Marjie) – Lisa reported income: FY Solicitation $2,250.00, Open House events $442.00 profit.  Bingo was cancelled for August due to lack of players.  July bingo profit $30.75.     

C. Logistics: (Tania) will need to look at supplies.  


IV.             Elections for Officers for the term year of September 2015 – August 2016

A. President: NSC McCall/Boorman to elect Lisa as President; In Favor-7, Opposed-0, Absent-5

B. Vice-President: NSC Guglielmina/McCall to elect Serena as Vice-President; In Favor-7, Opposed-0, Absent-5

C. Secretary: NSC Guglielmina/Emmons B. to elect Kathy as Secretary; In Favor-7, Opposed-0, Absent-5

D. Treasurer: NSC Alvord T./Cato to elect Terri as Treasurer; In Favor-7, Opposed-0, Absent-5

E. Logistics: NSC Boorman/McCall to elect Shellie as Logistics: In Favor-7, Opposed-0, Absent-5


V.               Action Items:

A.  Sponsorship Solicitation; (Elizabeth) Larry H. reported that the solicitation program needs more participation from both Support Service and Firefighters.  He reiterated that all fundraising programs need more participation or the funds will run out.  It was mentioned that participation in things such as cooking, and EMS are also lacking.  A few select are getting “tapped out”.  It was suggested to have the solicitation walk on a Saturday so the working members have the chance to participate. There will be another solicitation walk around on Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. - ?.  Lisa will provide the maps, and forms.

B. Calendar Fundraiser (Lisa) – A draft sample of the calendar was passed around.  It was decided to make the calendars in house for more control over costs and quantities.     

C. Cookbook Fundraiser (Lisa) – Lisa reported that she had only received recipes from 2 members.  Discussion on the possibility of the recipe book being delayed due to the amount of work put into the calendar.  Short discussion on how to make the recipe book process easier.  Send in several recipes each via e-mail, fax, or hand delivery to Lisa.  

D. Fire Prevention Week (Scott) – Lisa reported that Fire Prevention week is coming up.  We will be at Weaverville Elementary School again.  If Douglas City School wants to have the Fire Safe House, DCVFD will need to pick it up and run their own program.  Discussion on only doing the lower grades.  Will discuss more in September.

E. Chamber of Commerce membership (Lisa) – Chamber of Commerce has a membership that will benefit the advertising of Support Services and WVFD and their events.  Discussion on price and benefits.  Lisa will ask Serena if she could supply more business cards and SS flyers.  MSC Emmons B./Boorman to pay the fee of $50.00 and become a member of the Chamber of Commerce for the 2015-2016 year.


VI.             Committee Reports:

A.  EMS Support (Serena) – Larry H. reported that the equipment needs to be inspected to see if the batteries are good.  An EMS committee meeting was set for Saturday, August 8, 2015 at Noon to check all the batteries.

B.  Station Maintenance (Tania) – Tania reported on the outside work done around station one; rock, mulch, and flower beds.  The dorms have sheets, beds, and if needed curtains will be made.  Shellie and Lisa cleaned out both freezers; the small floor freezer is for ice only, and the standup freezer is for food and overflow ice.  Discussion on ice and where to get it for free.  Lisa will post phone numbers in the Support Services closet.     

C. Equipment Fleet Maintenance: (Herk) – Equipment is running well; new batteries on 2113.    

D. Web Technology: (Mike) – Lisa reported that Mike is keeping up on the website, and facebook.       

E.  Fundraiser (Larry H) –   Already discussed earlier in meeting.       

F.  Marketing (Betty) – Betty reported getting the bingo handouts put up around town.  It was asked if she had been taking them to Golden Age Center and Senior Apartments – she did not know where those were located, but now will take the flyers up there in addition to her usual spots.  Discussion on free advertising in Trinity Journal, since it has not been in the paper as expected.  Betty will contact T.J. to see why they have not followed through. Lisa will take the Chamber membership payment to get that started.    


VII.            Open Forum and Topics for Next Meeting:  Lisa asked if there was support within Support Services to go and pick up the firefighters when they are released off an incident so they are not driving while sleepy.  There was an overwhelming support to do so.  Each situation will need to be assessed individually on how to execute the service.  Lisa will keep in communications with Scott to see when it is needed.        


VIII.          Adjourn:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:19 p.m.