Weaverville Fire Department Support Services

Minutes - September 7, 2016

Call to Order:  1730

Attendance: Lisa G. Serena, Bri, Terry, Betty, Kathy B, Tania, Larry and Scott.

Approve minutes July 6th meeting? Motion made and seconded for approval of minutes

Officers Report:

A.     President- No Report

B.     Treasurer- No report

C.     Logistics- No report…no activations

Action Items:

               A.  Discuss/Approve re-structuring and combining some of the Officer’s duties. This item was presented by Lisa to combine the offices to three positions; President/Logistics, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer.  A motion was made and seconded with approval of all members.


Elections for Officers for the year of September 2016 through August 2017.

               A.  President/Logistics; Lisa G will serve another term.

               B.  Vice President; Serena

               C.  Secretary/Treasurer; Terry


Action Items Continued:

               B.  Discuss/Approve having a booth at the Harvest Festival October 1, 2016 – Fee $35.00- This item was discussed but only Kathy was available for this date.  We will check with Suppression folks to see availability.

               C.  Discussion Fire prevention Week October 10-14 – This was discussed of going to an every other year schedule but we felt that this was such an important project.  We will ask Frank to contact school and set dates.  Then at next meeting we will discuss when where and how.

Note:  Frank contacted school and have secured the 13th and 14th of October for our group to meet with K through 3rd.


Committee Reports:

A.     EMS Support: Larry H continues to keep the EMS bags stocked and ready to go.

B.     Station Maintenance:  We are having a work party on September 21st. Note:  We had a good turnout and did some clean-up in the dorms and kitchen.  We also got the apparatus floor cleaned, all weeds whacked and trees trim.  Thanks to all that helped.

C.     Equipment Maintenance: Herk continues his good job.

D.     Web Technology No report

E.      Marketing:  Working with the Theater to advertise on screen for Volunteer FF.

Open Forum and Topics for next meeting:  1. Will discuss having Safe House out for Halloween and trick or treating.  Next meeting will be at Scott and Tania’s house along with the dinner meeting.

Adjourn 1800