Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department - “Hot Topics”


Welcome to our first edition of the Weaverville Fire Department’s “Hot Topics”.   We would like to thank the Trinity Journal for allowing us to have a once monthly column to better inform the community about fire information, fun facts, and us as a Volunteer Fire Department.


We are a volunteer organization with about 22 members that respond to all types of emergencies. The new Support Services group, now at 19 members, help with vehicle maintenance, equipment, supplies, teaching first aid, station maintenance, preparing our monthly dinner, fund raisers and whatever else needs to be done. Without these dedicated community members responding and taking care of the Fire Department we would not enjoy the Great Fire Protection that we currently have.  If you think you would be interested in helping please contact us or come by the Station.  We would love to see you!


Weaverville was established as a town in 1850.  In the succeeding years, there were some devastating fires that destroyed most of the town.  Starting with the fire of 1853 which destroyed the post office, 24 businesses and several homes.  Three years later, another inferno destroyed another 20 businesses and homes.  However, those fires paled in comparison to the fire of 1859 which devastated the small town destroying 47 buildings. [more history...] After the shattering fire of 1897, the County Supervisors appointed a three-member board to act as Fire Commissioners, and on April 12, 1898 the Fire District was established and put into effect controls regarding stoves, stove pipes, furnaces, and many other issues that pertained to fire safety.


In 1906, the Commission purchased a hand pumper engine, three hose carts, five hydrants, and other equipment, and the Weaverville Fire Department was formed.  Although the tax covers equipment and apparatus needed, it does not pay the volunteer firefighters for the calls they have gone on for 116 years!


Do you know where you were last Wednesday night?  Well, for the members of the Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department, each Wednesday night is Drill night from 1830 to 2200, or so.  These dedicated community members spend every Wednesday night learning new skills or refining previously learned skills for all types of emergencies they may face.  If you want to be a part of our honorable group, come on down to the Fire House and check us out any Wednesday.  We would love to have you!


In 2013, the Weaverville Volunteer Firefighters went on the following calls: 89 fire-related, 368 medicals, 32 vehicle accidents, 8 haz-mat, and 32 public assist calls.  They also performed 16 hazard reduction jobs through the Hazard Reduction Program, and attended over 4,300 combined hours of training last year.