Weaverville Fire Protection District

Regular Meeting –Tuesday April 6, 2010

5:00 p.m. - 125 Bremer Street, Weaverville, California


Steve Howard, Chairman                                                                              Larry Helsley, Commissioner

Bill Britton, Vice-Chairman                                                                          George Owen, Commissioner

                                                                                                                            Mike Williams, Commissioner

I.                 CALL TO ORDER:


II.              CONSENT AGENDA: All matters listed under Consent Agenda are considered routine by the board and will be enacted by one vote.  If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent Agenda and will be considered separately.

A.     Approve Minutes Regular Meeting March 8, 2010 -

B.     Approve Warrant List, Journal Entries and Budget Transfers -


III.            ACTION ITEMS:

A.     Discuss/Approve Revised Equipment List for the New Rescue 2151 –

B.     Discuss/Approve Sealed Bid, 1992 Ford Rescue Chassis –

C.     Discuss/Amend Disciplinary Policy # 1-03  -

D.     Discuss/Approve Hydrant Variance for New Building on 140 Brickworks Lane -

E.      Discuss/Approve Change in Annual Audit Company –

F.      Discuss/Approve FF Edwards use of 2103 on April 17, 2010 to attend Confined Space Training -



A.     Hazardous Reduction Progress Report:

B.     Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report:

C.     Fire Department Report:

D.     Sleeper Program Reports:

E.      Committee Reports:

1.      Background Check Committee: (Williams, Howard, Alvord, Corbett)

2.      Recruitment Committee: (Britton, Helsley, Alvord, Corbett, Prindiville)

3.      Collections Committee: (Howard, Hammer, Maddox)

4.      Contract Committee: (Williams, Alvord)

5.      Budget Committee: (Howard, Helsley, Alvord, Maddox)

F.      Director Reports:


V.               PUBLIC COMMENT: