Regular Meeting – October 2, 2012


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Larry Helsley at 1600 hours.  Members present: George Owen, Co-Chair, Bill Britton, and Mike Williams.  Member absent: Dee Potter.  Others present: Chief Alvord, Legal Counsel David Hammer, and District Clerk Sheila Brewer.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting September 4, 2012

B.      Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries MSC: Britton/Williams to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.


       III.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.    Discuss /Approve – Yearly report on the condition of the apparatus, discuss possible items that need repair. Chief Alvord gave a summary of the condition of the fire apparatus.  A copy of the 2 page report was given to each commissioner and is available at the district office for review.


B.   Discuss/Approve – Possible approval for the purchase of a Type 3 Engine from publicsurplus.com. Chief Alvord presented information regarding a 1991 International Type 3 engine that San Ramone Valley FPD is selling on publicsurplus.com.  The engine has a 500 GPM pump, it is 4x4, has a crew cab, large bench.  It is in fairly good condition, has 20,000 miles.  It was primarily used in town.  It has not been used for five years. Has an automatic transmission, hydrostatic single stage pump.  The vehicle weight was discussed and the possible issues with that.  The back seat would have to be replaced.  The specs of the vehicle were reviewed. Chief Alvord explained that he would travel to look at this engine with Mechanic Fred Maddox.  He explained the bidding process on this engine.  He feels this would be a good engine during inclement weather.  This would be a good engine to go out of the area, will carry 4 firefighters.

      The cost of the vehicle was discussed and how much the district is willing to pay.  Chief Alvord will do some checking on the actual value of this type of vehicle.

      Commissioner Britton made a motion to give Chief Alvord up to $25,000.00 to bid on this engine, Commissioner Owen seconded.  Discussion, Commissioner Britton suggested that Chief Alvord check with Cal Fire on how they like the hydrostatic pump.  Chief Alvord stated he will travel to San Ramone to look at the engine; Mechanic Fred Maddox will go with him as well as Commissioner Owen.  The motion was amended to state that if Chief Alvord, Mechanic Maddox and Commissioner Owen were all in agreement that the engine was a good purchase that they will go ahead with the bid process and attempt to obtain this engine.  Motion was carried unanimously by all commissioners present. 


C   Discuss/Approve: - Cost sharing with Weaverville Water District for the relocation of the fire hydrant on Lower Mill St.  Fiscal impact would be $2,750.00.

      Chief Alvord gave a review of the situation regarding the fire hydrant on Lower Mill St.  Wes Scribner, general manager of the Weaverville Water District, took it to his board to move the hydrant.  It needs to go through several properties to move it at the cost of approximately $5,500.00 our share would be $2,750.00.  Chief Alvord presented a plat map of the property where the hydrant would be moved to with a larger line.  The cost was discussed among the commissioners and Chief Alvord.  Commissioner Williams thought if moving the hydrant to the indicated location would help the firefighters he felt it was a good idea.  Commissioner Williams asked if there were any legal issues regarding moving the hydrant.  It was pointed out that the hydrant belongs to the fire district.  Legal Council David Hammer explained that the issue is the location and the District does not have to accept a hydrant that is inaccessible.  Council Hammer feels that the hydrant location is not the District’s issue.  The decision to be made is should we assist in fixing the problem with the location of the hydrant of leave it where it is.  The possibility of donating labor was discussed.  Chief Alvord advised that needs to be discussed with the Water District.  Chief Alvord advised that we have $2,500.00 in the budget for hydrant maintenance.  Commissioner Owen feels the hydrant should stay in the general location for fire protection of the five houses in the immediate area.  Commissioner Williams made a motion to move the hydrant out to the street with a $1,500.00 cap on our contribution to the relocation. Motions second by Commission Britton, motion carried unanimously. Chief Alvord will present this to the Water District with the recommended changes to the original plan. 



            A.  Hazardous Reduction Progress Report:

             -    No report, the program has been put on hold until after fire season.

            B.   Fire Chief/Marshal Report:

-     Chief Alvord gave an overview of the progress of the Explorer program.  The training for the Explores has been changed to Tuesday evening.  The department wants to send Explorers to the Explorer Fire Academy in Sonoma County in March; we can send a maximum of five Explorers. Two of our volunteers have taken the Explorer Advisor Training.    

-     We are sending six firefighters to Shasta County for LAARO, Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations. They will receive a State certification when they complete the class.

-     2161 and 2101 both have new tires obtained through the Coulter Donation.

-     There is a new manufactured home going in on Granite Peak Rd. which will have sprinklers.  The cost is about $3,000.00 when installed at the factory. 

-     The fire hydrant on Washington St. at Trinity Lumber will be installed and connected to the 8” main.

-     Sleeper, Ernie Curran, has given notice that he is purchasing a house and will no longer be the sleeper for Station 1.  Chief Alvord was thinking of making the room into a dorm type setting for future sleepers.   He advised that R. J. Stortz and John Gier, two of our Explorers will be working at the station after school and doing the station maintenance. 

-     Chief Alvord is working on a new map book.  District Clerk Sheila Brewer is working on the street index.  There are a few changes needed, adding street names.  When it is complete it will be about 15 pages. 

-     The chief went to Sacramento Metro Fire Department with Chief Mel Deardorff from Lewiston and was able to purchase quite a few needed items at a significant savings.

-     The district is still waiting for funding on the VFA 50/50 Grant in the amount of $2,917.00.  Chief Alvord will be making some calls to find out when we will be receiving the funds. 

-     Chief presented a summary of the cost of the fires this summer as to where we are financially.  He went over the cost and what we expect to receive.  Our volunteers were able to receive quite a bit of training and achieved more training, to be entered in their task books, while on the fires this summer. 

-     Council David Hammer requested clarification regarding the charges we bill for when we respond to out of district calls.  He wanted to know if we charge twice for the same equipment at a per day charge if we respond to two different out of district calls on the same day.  He suggested that we may think of charging a flat rate.  Chief Alvord said he is working on the district policies and procedures manual.  We will review the charges at that time and review them each year and update as necessary.  He hopes to have a rough draft at the November meeting. When complete the billing ordinance will be reviewed.


            C   Sleeper Report – No report 


            D. Committee Reports:

                  1.         Recruitment Committee: No report.

                  2          Collections Committee: David Hammer reviewed the “Invoices Due”                      binder and reported that we are looking good.  

                  3.         Contract Committee: No report

                  4.         Tuition Committee: No Report

                  5.         Budget Committee: See Section III A


            E    Directors Report – Commissioner Owen wanted to commend Chief Alvord for       going to Sacramento Metro Fire and obtaining the equipment we needed.        Commissioner Britton commended the Chief on a good job. 


V               PUBLIC COMMENT:  None


VI              Correspondence- District Clerk Sheila Brewer read a letter form the insurance company that holds our workers comp. insurance.  The letter was to commend the board for a year of no claims.


VII             Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1716 hours.




__________________________                                    __________________________

   Larry Helsley, Chairman                                               Sheila Brewer, District Clerk