Regular Meeting – April 5, 2016


I.           CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Vice-Chairman, George Owen at 1002 hrs.  Members present:  Arden Potter, and Larry Helsley.  Members absent: Bill Britton, and Mike Williams. Others present: Chief Frank DeNatale, Jim Underwood, Bob Winkler, and Clerk Lisa Guglielmina. 



A.    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of March 1, 2016 –

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries –

MSC Helsley/Potter to approve the consent agenda as presented.



A. Discuss/Approve, increase in the gym membership budget – Fiscal Impact $875.00 – Since August of 2015, the gym membership has increased, and in February 2016, WFD has implemented a physical training program before the member training Wednesday nights.  Good participation and good for the health and fitness for the firefighters.

MSC Potter/Helsley to approve an increase in the gym membership budget up to $875.00


B. Discuss/Approve employee compensating sick leave payment- Discussion on Federal and State laws for Vacation Leave and Sick Leave.  Need a policy in place.  Contract committee to meet and come up with a PTO policy, then revisit next meeting.    

This Item was tabled until the next regular meeting, and further review from contract committee policy.



A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Chief DeNatale reported on Title III, waiting for the County to sign the contract.  USFS hiring a few volunteers to do burning as part of the 2015/2016 agreement.   

B.     Fire Chief/Marshall Report:   

·        Wildland Preparedness drill on May 21

·        RT-130 refresher classes Wednesday nights

·        Lumber Mill walk-through with Scott Alvord

·        Map books of TC communities for engines

·        Spoke with Captains on training needs

·        Fire inspection courses going well

·        Public Safety Institute putting on a Leadership Class – will bring details to next meeting

·        Live Fire Training went well – RFD impressed by our volunteers

·        ICS 300

·        Museum walk-through

·        PT program going well


C.    Fire Department Report: No Report  

D.    Sleeper Program Reports: Jon is doing well.  Todd Abercrombie getting ready to move into Station 2         

E.     Committee Reports:

·        Recruitment Committee: No report.

·        Collection Committee: No report

·        Contract Committee: No report

·        Tuition Committee: No report

·        Budget Committee:  Preliminary Budget meeting set up for May 25, 10:00 a.m.

·        Financial Committee: (Williams, Potter, Guglielmina) Dee talked with an investor from Morgan Stanley, and would like to invite him to talk with the Board.  Clerk to set up with investor.  

F.     Director Reports: Helsley – Depending on when the museum sign is completed, the WFPD will do a ceremony for Dick Berrien.  Britton (via e-mails to the Clerk) – Bill’s conversation with Kim Zagaris re: OES WT-32 – consensus to have OES pick up WT-32 if the use will be limited to only OES incidents.  On May 17, 2016 at 0900 hrs. TCBOS will be presenting Scott Alvord with a Resolution, all are invited to attend.                                                   


V.                        PUBLIC COMMENTS: Bob Winkler – presented the WFD Fire Museum with a 1926 Fire Apparatus Operations book, used by his father. Will be useful for the LaFrance engine.


VI.       CORRESPONDENCE: Clerk –None.

VII.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1101 hrs.     





__________________________                                    __________________________

George Owen, Vice-Chairman                                      Lisa Guglielmina, Clerk of the Board