Regular Meeting – May 6, 2014


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman, Arden Potter at 16:00.  Members present: Mike Williams, Larry Helsley, Bill Britton and George Owen. Members absent: None.  Others present: Chief Scott Alvord, Clerk Lisa Guglielmina, and Jim Underwood.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of April 1, 2014 –

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries –

C.    Approve Budget Adjustment

MSC: Britton/Owen to approve consent agenda as presented.


       III.               CLOSED SESSION: (Section 54957.b) Entered at 4:05 p.m.

A. Personnel – Employee one year review, employment contract: Clerk, Lisa Guglielmina –

B. Personnel – Employee Contract for Chief, Scott Alvord -


       IV.               REPORT FROM CLOSED SESSION: 4:24 p.m.

Clerk, Lisa Guglielmina contract approved for another year as presented with a compensation change for a raise.

Chief, Scott Alvord contract approved for another year as presented.


         V.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.        Discuss/Appoint sending a Weaverville Fire District representative to the Trinity LAFCO meeting on May 12, 2014 7:00 p.m. – Short discussion on the importance of representation and annexation. Chairman, Arden Potter appointed Bill Britton as the representative of WFD to attend the LAFCO meeting.


B.         Discuss/Approve Policy #3002.4 Company Credit Use – Discussion on what has been done in the past.  Suggestion to appoint only one Card Company, such as VISA or MasterCard, at a time; no multiple companies.

            MSC: Williams/Britton to approve Policy #3002.4 Company Credit Card Use with the addition on using only one company at a time.


C.        Review/Discuss Preliminary Budget for 2014/2015 – Discussion on various line items and needs.  There was discussion on station and duty rig upgrades and it was suggested to get estimates.  No Action on this item, for discussion only.



A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: The crew has been very busy, and working on Weeks Lane as of now.  The list for requests exceed the amount of money left in the Title III Hazard Reduction budget. TCBOS approved another round of Title III Hazard Reduction money for this next fiscal year.  After the three agencies split the amount it will give us another $34,000.00 to continue the program.       


B.     Fire Chief/Marshall Report:  

·        TCBOS meeting – approve Ord. 14-01

·        Mattie Funds meeting – will help volunteer fire departments

·        Daycare inspections and 2 Mobile Home Park inspections

·        High School Safety Committee meeting

·        Explorers thanked the TC School Board for the Explorer Program support

·        Shasta College training went well

·        Sent a letter to OES for the Type III Engine

·        Updated and stocked medical bags

·        Hosting Rotary and Soroptimist luncheons on ISO ratings

·        Target Solutions trainings through SDRMA


C.    Fire Department Report: None

D.    Sleeper Program Reports: Ernie Curran is back to work.

E.     Committee Reports:

·        Recruitment Committee: 5 new members on the Department.

·        Collection Committee: Receiving payments on a regular basis.

·        Contract Committee: No report.

·        Tuition Committee: No report.

·        Budget Committee: Will adopt the Preliminary Budget at June meeting.

F.     Director Reports: Nothing to report.                                            


     VII.               PUBLIC COMMENTS: None


  VIII.               CORRESPONDENCE: TCBOS letter stating they approved and adopted the Ord. #14-01.     


       IX.               ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 17:15 hours.



__________________________                                    __________________________

    Arden Potter, Chairman                                           Lisa Guglielmina, Clerk of the Board