Regular Meeting – May 5, 2015


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman, Mike Williams at 1001 hrs.  Members present:  Arden Potter, Larry Helsley, and George Owen.  Members absent: Bill Britton. Others present: Chief Scott Alvord, and Clerk Lisa Guglielmina.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2015 –

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries –

MSC Helsley/Potter to approve the consent agenda as presented.


       III.               CLOSED SESSION: (Section 54957.b) Public Comments-None

A.  Personnel-Employee review, employment contract: Clerk, Lisa Guglielmina

B.  Personnel-Employee Contract for Chief, Scott Alvord

            Entered into Closed Session 1006 hrs.

Report from Closed Session 1025 hrs. – Board unanimously approved 5% raise                                  for Clerk, Lisa Guglielmina and Contract for Chief, Scott Alvord.


       IV.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.  Discuss/Approve assisting in a portion of the dorm project – Fiscal impact $1,500.00 – Chief, Alvord spoke of the remaining concrete work which needed to be completed, the purchase of a small television for the dorms, and picture frames for custom pictures for the walls.  There was discussion on the quality of concrete, District’s budget and the Department’s budget. 

MSC Potter/Owen to approve up to $1,500.00 to assist in a portion of the dorm project.



A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Program still going.  Some of the Hazard Reduction crew have left for their summer jobs.  Burn ban could go into effect anytime from Monday May 11th to June 1st, depending on rain.  Discussion on shredder use for the program.    

B.     Fire Chief/Marshall Report:  

·        Dorms are in

·        Live Fire Training – the firefighters did great.  Cal-Fire Captain complimented WFD on their knowledge.

·        New member for the summer, Glenn and Jon Gier is coming back

·        Summer Program for 2015

·        Lona Davis went to a vehicle extrication class

·        Briana Gaulke is attending a Search and Rescue class

·        Ernie Curran in Mountain View for a Fire Behavior Certification Class

·        Equipment is running well

·        2111 fixed by Herk – he is doing an excellent job with the equipment

·        2113 Battery issues

·        Air Trailer lights need to be fixed

C.    Fire Department Report: None.  

D.    Sleeper Program Reports:  None.      

E.     Committee Reports:

·        Recruitment Committee:  No report

·        Collection Committee: No report

·        Contract Committee: No report

·        Tuition Committee: No report.

·        Budget Committee:  Had a meeting; the budget can be reviewed by the board over the next month and put on the agenda to approve for June.   

F.     Director Reports: Owen discussion on the clean-up efforts at Station 2.                                               


       VI.               PUBLIC COMMENTS: None.  


     VII.               CORRESPONDENCE: None.


  VIII.               ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1055 hrs.      



__________________________                                    __________________________

    Mike Williams, Chairman                                        Lisa Guglielmina, Clerk of the Board