Regular Meeting – April 28, 2016 (In lieu of May)


I.           CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman, Bill Britton at 1000 hrs.  Members present:  George Owen, Mike Williams, Arden Potter, and Larry Helsley.  Members absent: None. Others present: Chief Frank DeNatale, Rick Hill, and Clerk Lisa Guglielmina. 



A.    Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of April 5, 2016 –

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries –

MSC Owen/Potter to approve the consent agenda as presented.


III.       CLOSED SESSION: (Section 54957.b)

A.  Personnel – Employee review, employment contract: Clerk, Lisa Guglielmina – No public comments.

Entered Closed Session: 10:42 a.m.

Reconvene from Closed Session: 10:50 a.m. – Chairman reported a 5% raise approved for the clerk.  Further discussion of other presented items will be reviewed at a later date.



A. Discussion - – Meet with Rick Hill from Morgan Stanley regarding Financial Options- Discussion on financial options. 

No Action Required

B. Discuss/Approve Weaverville Fire District Policy #3003.3 Employee Paid Time Off – Short discussion on contract committee meeting and suggestions. 

MSC Williams/Potter to adopt Weaverville Fire District Policy #3003.3 Employee Paid Time Off

C.  Discuss/Approve Employee compensating sick leave payout (Tabled from April 5, 2016 meeting) – Short discussion.

MSC Williams/Helsley to approve employee compensating sick leave payout

D.  Discuss/Approve sending Chief DeNatale to a Leadership Class – Fiscal Impact $1,300 – This item was pulled from the agenda at the Fire Chief’s request.

E.  Discuss/Approve using some of the contingency fund for Maintenance of Equipment to purchase LED lights for E-2131 – Discussion on cost.  It was unknown what the cost will be.

MSC Williams/Helsley to approve using contingency funds to purchase LED lights for E- 2131 up to $500.00.



A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Chief DeNatale reported on Title III; the contract has been signed by the County and work will begin next week.   

B.     Fire Chief/Marshall Report:   

·        OES Strike Team meeting

·        Rediness Drill May 21st and 22nd

·        Inspector series almost finished

·        Structure fire on Beryl Lane

·        RT 130 refresher

·        May training schedule

C.    Fire Department Report: No Report  

D.    Sleeper Program Reports: Chief reported on sleeper for station one         

E.     Committee Reports:

·        Recruitment Committee: No report.

·        Collection Committee: No report

·        Contract Committee: No report

·        Tuition Committee: No report

·        Budget Committee:  Preliminary Budget meeting set up for May 25, 10:00 a.m. Questions on Annual Audit. Clerk to contact County for suggestions on CPAs.

·        Financial Committee: (Williams, Potter, Guglielmina) Will set up a meeting with the County.  

F.     Director Reports: Owen – Questions on Angel Hill Road requirements.  Questions on weeds around hydrants. 


VI.                      PUBLIC COMMENTS: None.


VII.     CORRESPONDENCE: Clerk –SDRMA Worker’s Comp letter

VIII.  ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1128 hrs.     



__________________________                                    __________________________

Bill Britton, Chairman                                                 Lisa Guglielmina, Clerk of the Board