Regular Meeting –July 13, 2009


                         I.      CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Mike Williams at 1700 hours.  Members present: Mike Williams, Steve Howard, Bill Britton, and George Owen.  Members Absent:  Larry Helsley   Others Present: Interim Fire Chief Scott Alvord, Legal Advisor David Hammer, Mr. Peterson and Clerk Marjie Maddox.


                      II.      CONSENT AGENDA:

A.    Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting June 8, 2009, and Special Meeting June 15, 2009 –

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries–MSC: Howard/Owen to approve consent agenda as presented.


                   III.      PUBLIC HEARING: ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE 09-1 THE 2006 CALIFORNIA FIRE CODE WITH AMENDMENTS: Chief Alvord reported that no public comments have been received regarding the Ordinance. Public Hearing Open, no public comments.  Public Hearing Closed.  MSC: Owen/Britton adopt ordinance 09-1, the 2006 California Fire Code with Amendments.  Roll Call Vote: Mike Williams: Aye, Steve Howard: Aye, Bill Britton: Aye, Larry Helsley: Absent, and George Owen: Aye. 


                   IV.      PUBLIC HEARING: ADOPTION OF A 2009/2010 ANNUAL BUDGET: Mr. Howard reported on the budget meetings, and pointed out that the budget is tight this year.  The committee budgeted to replace the Rescue truck and chassis.  Last years $272,000 was spent, this amount included the $49,000 in grant funding for the diesel exhaust filter systems.  There was discussion between the Board and Mr. Hammer regarding our funding with the Trinity County Auditors Office, and discussion about the possibility of the State withholding 8% of the property taxes.  Mr. Hammer reported our funds are safe from being spent by Trinity County, and yes the State can with hold funds to equal their reserves.  The committee did budget for the decrease of 8% possible with holding.  The committee budgeted $2,000 for the purchase of 5 mandatory New Generation fire shelters if needed.  Public Hearing Open: no public comments.  Public Hearing Closed.  MSC: Britton/Owen to approve the adoption of the 2009/2010 Annual Budget as presented.


                      V.      ACTION ITEMS:

A.    Discuss/Approve Hydrant Variance Mr. & Mrs. Peterson of 151 Meadow Lane - Mr. Peterson reported the address is Meadow Road not Meadow Lane.  Mr. Peterson stated he is seeking a hydrant variance for guest quarters they are putting on their property.  The hydrant measured 184 feet from the proposed guest quarters, and the hydrant flowed 871 GPM (1000 GPM is required).  Mr. Britton assessed these plans while Chief Alvord was on vacation, and encouraged the Petersons to apply for hydrant variance.  Mr. Howard stated that there is a secondary water source near the property from ease weaver creek.  Chief Alvord stated he was in approval with the variance.  There was discussion that the main from the hydrant is 6” and would be able to handle the potential upgrade from the Water District in the future.  MSC: Howard/Owen to grant the hydrant variance approval to Mr. & Mrs. Peterson of 151 Meadow Road as requested.

B.     Discuss/Approve $40.00 Fee Waiver for THS Plans to re-locate bathroom building – Chief Alvord reported this project for the High School is grant funded and are limited in funding for the project.  MSC: Howard/Owen to approve the $40.00 fee waiver for THS plans to re-locate bathroom buildings as requested.

C.    Discuss/Approve Resolution 09-1, Ordering Board of Directors Election, Consolidation of Elections, and Specification of the Election Order – Clerk Marjie Maddox reported, this resolution is for our 2 board members who’s Board Positions will be up in December, they are both interested in running for the position again.  The Resolution stating that we are not advertising an open position on the Board, and agreeing to reimburse our cost for the election.  MSC: Owen/Britton to approve resolution 09-1, Ordering Board of Directors Election, Consolidation of Elections, and Specification of Election Order.  Roll Call Vote: Mike Williams: Aye, Steve Howard: Aye, Bill Britton: Aye, Larry Helsley: Absent, and George Owen: Aye. 

D.    Discuss/Approve Policy 09-1, Tuition Reimbursement Policy – Chief Alvord reported this policy has been in the works for quite awhile, they have reviewed several options, and the purpose of this policy is to encourage volunteers to go to school.  The policy will have a committee review each request as they are presented, the committee would meet at the beginning of each school semester or when tuition requests are submitted.  This policy will open the door for reimbursement when the funding is available.  Hopefully is there is grant funding available, the committee would be able to back pay for tuition if possible.  MSC: Owen/Britton to approve policy 09-1, tuition reimbursement.


                   VI.      DEPARTMENT AND BUSINESS REPORTS:

A.    Hazardous Reduction Progress Report – Chief Alvord reported the program is up to 9 crew members including Todd.  The crew is attending the 40 hour class this week; part of the program is to train the crew for possible future employment.  The procedure for this program go through our office through Mr. McMillan. Most of the jobs have come in through Cal-Fire inspections.  Mr. McMillan spent time with Fire Storm putting together a process for this program.  As of today work at 13 sites have been completed.  9 sites are waiting to have work be done.  Mr. McMillan will follow up when all of the jobs are complete.  Chief Alvord reported we will be looking into additional funding to continue this program possibly through Title II and III funding with help from Trinity RCD.  There was discussion regarding the money trail.  The Smart Center is heading the hiring and payroll for the program.  They are funded through the Bail Out.  Mr. McMillan will be employed until October; Mr. Corbett should be good until November.  The program is currently offered in Weaverville, Lewiston, Rush Creek and Douglas City, it is limited to try and keep the cost of fuel down.  This crew is dedicated to this program alone and can not be called out to word on any fires.

B.     Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report – Interim Fire Chief Alvord reported:

Plan Checks: THS building relocation, Mobile Home Relocation to Grand View Drive, CVS pharmacy, 2 residential inspections.

Vehicles: E-2131 had the exhaust brake and smaller steering wheel installed.  R-2151 had the brake master cylinder and light bar switch replaced.  There was discussion of safety issues with the exhaust brake in winter driving. 

Hydrants: Hydrant at old animal hospital was replaced.  A new hydrant was installed on Forest Avenue.

Meetings: Chief Alvord was involved in the Cal-Fire interview process, John Erwin was chosen to fill the position, and he should be starting this Thursday.  The ERD were completed today for the OES side of the TCCA. 

      Misc – A grant request through FEMA for station was submitted for $62,000 for station improvements consisting of lighting, heating and building to house the stationary fill station with HEPA for clean air.  4th of July went well, Chief Alvord participated in most of the activities.  The hand pumper was in the parade, they are making plans for next year to pump water during the parade next year.  The Department was also able to provide an engine company to the helicopter base in Burnt Ranch during the 4th also.  First aid training starts tomorrow.  1 ff took the haz-mat on line to get up to speed.  Title III is possibly re-opened, Chief Alvord is working with Chief Chatterton on submitting a proposal. Operation plan with Cal-Fire, should be ready soon, we also worked on a contract with USFS today, they should be approved soon. 

C.    Fire Department Report – No report.

D.    Sleeper Program Report – No report.

E.     Committee Reports –

Background Check Committee – No Report

Recruitment Committee – No Report

Training Policy Committee – Remove from agenda

Collections Committee – No Report

Budget Committee – Remove from Agenda

F.     Director Reports – No Report


                VII.      PUBLIC COMMENTS: None


             VIII.      CORRESPONDENCE: None


                   IX.      ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1754 hours.


Approved:  August 10, 2009




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         Mike Williams, Chairman                                        Marjie Maddox, Clerk