Regular Meeting – September 4, 2012


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Larry Helsley at 1610 hours.  Members present: George Owen, Co-Chair, Bill Britton, Dee Potter, and Mike Williams.  Member absent: None.  Others present: Chief Alvord, David Hammer, Legal Council, John Hodges, and District Clerk Sheila Brewer.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting August 7, 2012

B.      Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries MSC: Williams/Britton to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.


       III.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.    Discuss /Approve – 2012/13 Final Budget – Chief Alvord presented the final budget for 2012/13. Discussion was open to public comment at 1612 hours, no public comment. Roll call vote of the commissioners for approval of final budget.

         Ayes:       __5__

         Noes:       __0__

         Absent:   __0__

         Abstain:  __0__           


B.   Discuss/Approve – John Hodges, regarding the fire hydrant on Lower Mill Street.  John gave a brief history regarding the fire hydrant on Lower Mill Street that was installed in the late 1970’s.  After the hydrant was installed the houses in that area were built with the hydrant to the rear of the houses.  Subsequent to the installation a fence was erected to the rear of the residence precluding access to the hydrant. He explained that in the past he has attempted to obtain access to the hydrant, but was denied by the property owner. 

Chief Alvord explained that he has talked to the manager of the water district regarding a way in which the hydrant can be extended and moved to a location where it is accessible.

Commissioner Larry Helsley asked Mr. Hodges what action he was requesting from the board. Mr. Hodges asked if the fire district is the agency that would give him access to the fire hydrant.  Fire District Legal Council, David Hammer explained that no one agency gives access to this fire hydrant.  What needs to be done is have the hydrant moved; as long as there is an easement to allow the hydrant to be moved. 

Mr. Hodges will contact the water district to see if they will move the hydrant, he will return to the fire district meeting if he is turned down by the water district. 

No action was taken by this board at this time.             



            A.  Hazardous Reduction Progress Report:

             -    No report, the program has been put on hold until after fire season.

            B.   Fire Chief/Marshal Report:

-     Chief Alvord explained he is still working on the fire hydrants, painting them, and flow testing.  He will be looking into having the juniors continue to work after school through the Workability Program.  He wants to wait until after the first report cards come out.

            -     He will be getting the pump test done this month.

            -     Had a fire this morning out Weaver Balley Rd., illegal control burn. 

               -     This afternoon we had a fire on Little Brown Creek Rd., a garage fire spread to the surrounding grass.

            -     Water Tender 32 responded to a call for mutual aid in Junction City on Monday. 

            -     Most of our fire fighters have been busy on fires around the state.

            -     We have two new fire fighters, they have been going to classes and getting       properly trained to be able to respond to calls. We also have a new applicant.

            -     Our regular fire fighters that have been going to the various fires we have had       have been doing a really good job.

            -     Scott wanted to thank Todd Corbett for his work coordinating things for the       district in his absence on the Chips fire. 

            -     Chief Alvord explained that Cal EMA is not paying fire chiefs time and a half, to       cover the back fill when called to fires around the state.  We want to make sure  it       is not costing the district for him to respond to fires as a strike team leader.  


            C   Sleeper Report – Station 21 Sleeper, Ernie Curran, has been gone on fires.        Kane Edwards has been taking care of Station 2 when he is not working for       TCLS. 


            D. Committee Reports:

                  1.         Recruitment Committee: No report.

                  2          Collections Committee: David Hammer talked about the judgment we                   received at small claims court. We have not received any payment from                               the person.  He advised the we should obtain an abstract of judgment                             which will put a lien on the subject’s property.  Chief Alvord will check                            with the court to have it recorded.  We did not have to go to small claims                           court in September; the responsible person came in and paid the amount                                  that was due.

                  3.         Contract Committee: No report

                  4.         Tuition Committee: No Report

                  5.         Budget Committee: See Section III A


            E    Directors Report – No report                


V               PUBLIC COMMENT:  None


VI              Correspondence- None


VII             Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1455 hours.




__________________________                                    __________________________

   Larry Helsley, Chairman                                               Sheila Brewer, District Clerk