Regular Meeting –January 3, 2011


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Bill Britton at 1600 hours.  Members present: Bill Britton, Mike Williams Larry Helsley and George Owen.  Member absent: None.  Others present: Chief Alvord, Legal Advisor David Hammer, Captain Prindiville, Firefighter McMillan, Sleepers Heryford and Hamilton and Clerk Marjie Maddox.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting December 7, 2010

B.      Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries MSC: Helsley/Williams to approve consent agenda with one correction to the minutes.


       III.               CLOSED SESSION:

A.    (Government code section 54957.6) CONFRENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR – Designated Representative Chairman Britton – Unrepresented employees: Clerk of the Board and Hazard Reduction Coordinator – Chairman Britton reported the item of closed session, no public comments.  Entered into closed session at 1603 hours.


       IV.               REPORT ON CLOSED SESSION: (Government code section 54957.1 (b)) – Returned from closed session at 1620 hours.  Chairman Britton reported both the Clerk of the Board and Hazard Reduction Coordinator were given a 2.5% Cola increase.


         V.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.         Discuss/Approve resignation of Commissioner Steve Howard – Chief Alvord explained the process to advertise and accept a new board member.  Chairman Britton appointed Mr. Helsley and Mr. Williams to a committee to make a recommendation back to the board at the next regular meeting.  This position will be advertised in the Trinity Journal for 2 weeks requesting letters of interest prior to the next regular meeting.

B.          Discuss/Approve Policy 11-1 for billing - Chief Alvord reported at last months regular meeting it was discussed to create a billing mechanism and bring it back to the board for approval.  MSC: Helsley/Owen to accept the new billing policy as amended by Legal Advisor Mr. Hammer.

C.         Discuss/Approve quote from Campora and Amerigas propane companies- MSC: Owen/Williams to accept the Amerigas proposal.

D.         Discuss/Approve mid Budget Review – We have not received a ledger from the county in the past few months to see what our tax revenue is, table this action item pending a ledger from the County Auditors Office.

E.          Discuss/Approve change to employee handbook for Fire Chief to approve leave – Chief Alvord stated this item came out of his discussion with Chairman Britton to allow the District Clerk to attend a college class during working hours.  Chief Alvord requested to change the employee handbook to give discretion to approve a change in work hours.  MSC: Owen/Helsley to approve the change in the employee handbook as presented.

F.          Discuss/Approve helicopter Reach and PHI contracts Policy 08-1– Chief Alvord reported there are approximately 12 who qualify for the helicopter memberships.  MSC: Helsley/Williams to approve to continue with the PHI and Reach memberships for the members who qualify.

G.         Discuss/Approve annual awards banquet (budget of $500) – Chief Alvord reported there is a $500 budget for the annual awards banquet, he requested permission from the board to have the banquet in house to save funds and spend it on a special gift for the volunteers.  Legal Advisor Mr. Hammer advised this is acceptable if the items are presented as an award.  There was discussion to have the annual awards banquet in house on the 4th of February, the board members offered to help with the cost of food and cooking.

H.         Discuss/Approve list of surplused items – MSC: Williams/Owen to approve items for surplus excluding items #5 large float pump and #6 Rotary sign (this item will be returned to Rotary). 



A.         Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Mr. McMillan reported the program will be moving its focus towards high fuel areas in Weaverville.  There were a couple of meeting and they decided on some good places to focus on.  Mr. McMillan has sent out letters to the property owners for approval.  Firestorm has stopped work for the time being and may start again as early as mid January.

B.          Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report: Chief Alvord Report: Chief Alvord reported

Inspections – They are making progress at the Mill, they have been running test lumber through, and the system in the main building is not up and running yet.  Turn around approved off of Hwy 3 south of Brown’s Ranch Road, and a mobile home placement at Sharon Court.  Chief Alvord reported Mr. Santiago expects an influx of permits before the new sprinkler code goes into affect; they also discussed sprinkled mobile homes, Mr. Santiago does not think the BOS will put it in the County Ordinance, Chairman Britton reported that at this time manufacturers do not make sprinklers for mobile homes.  Chief Alvord reported that Mr. Santiago stated he has no problem taking on the sprinkler issue, approving the plans and collecting the fees.

Station One – The floor tiles will be replaced 10 across keeping the boarder around the edges.  All of the leaks in the ceiling have been found and repaired; they are looking into ordering more ceiling tiles to replace the stained and ruined ones.  The projector is estimated to be installed by the end of the month; he is in the process of having the engine 3 bay cleaned.

Department – 4 Firefighters McBrayer, Curran, Scott and Perry are now off of probation.  Driver/Operator class is now finished; he is in the process of promoting more engineers. The Department completed a training on power lines that was supplied by PG &E.

Sleeper Program Reports: Sleeper Heryford reported on the floors, projector project, Chief Alvord and Sleeper Hamilton patched the leaking screw holes in the ceiling.  A couple from Mendocino stopped in over the holidays to look at the engine at Station 2.

C.         Committee Reports:

a.      Recruitment Committee – Helsley reported that membership is growing.

b.     Collections Committee – Chairman Britton was added to the committee.

c.      Contract Committee – None

d.      Director Reports – Owen reported there are 2 new trailers in the mobile home park on Washington Street.  Helsley requested to have a USFS employee give a presentation to the Volunteers about the summer hiring AVUE process. 




V.              CORRESPONDENCE: None


VII.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1725 hours.


Approved: February 1, 2011




______________________________                  _____________________________

         Bill Britton, Chairman                                               Marjie Maddox, Clerk