Regular Meeting –February 1, 2011


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Bill Britton at 1600 hours.  Members present: Bill Britton, Mike Williams and Larry Helsley.  Member absent: George Owen.  Others present: Chief Alvord, Legal Advisor David Hammer, Firefighter McMillan, Sleeper Hamilton and Clerk Marjie Maddox.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting January 3, 2010

B.      Approve Warrant List, Journal Entries and Budget Summary MSC: Williams/Helsley to approve the consent agenda as presented.


       III.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.         Discuss/Approve mid budget review – There was discussion regarding expenditure and revenue ledger.  MSC: Williams/Helsley to approve the mid budget review.

B.          Discuss/Approve Agreement for gas training - Chief Alvord reported Western Propane Gas Association has offered live fire training including classroom and props; everything is provided, they want 100 students to attend.  Chief Alvord spoke with the representative, we will only be able to meet 50 students, he was advised to complete the paperwork and they will go from there and it might get approved, all of their other requirements were met.

C.         Discuss/Approve Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless – Legal Advisor Hammer has approved the form.  MSC: Helsley/Williams to authorize Chairman Britton to sign the agreement for Indemnify and Hold Harmless.

D.         Discuss/Approve Strategic plan meeting - Chief Alvord reported on the strategic plan meeting and passed around a format for things that need work.  Chief Alvord envisions having more broad meetings in the future and would like to create committees with board and department members. Mr. Helsley recommended waiting and seeing how the Department feels before appointing a committee.


       IV.               CLOSED SESSION:


One potential case -


         V.               REPORT ON CLOSED SESSION: (Government code section 54957.1 (b)) – Chairman Britton reported the Board met and discussed the anticipated litigation with Legal Counsel Mr. Hammer



A.         Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Mr. McMillan reported he has sent out 120 letters, and will put out a press release for the program. A grant application was submitted to continue the program CBCP; this was in addition to title III.  22 sites have been completed, 10 are ready to go, 1 is on hold, 3 are ready to assess, 5 were assessed and did not need work, $24,000 was billed out 13% was received.

B.          Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report: Chief Alvord Report: Chief Alvord reported

Inspections – Mill sprinklers in the lower sorting room are complete, 3 areas under conveyer belts need to be addressed. Chief Alvord reported that we can not accept the new Fire Code ordinance until it is accepted by the Board of Supervisors.  A video of the Museum was completed, would like to play it at the awards banquet.  Scott Wallace of fish and game is getting ready to change out MT-2000 radios; 60-80 for the Trinity County, these batteries are $40.  A grant was submitted requesting to improve the fire water supply for the Timber Ridge and Leslie Lane areas; Chief Alvord is working with the Water District on this grant.  4 boxes of brass will be recycled to possibly to towards safety equipment.  Chief Alvord has created an outline for first responder first aid class for Nor-Cal, he plans on working the Kathy Ratliff and Bob Bryan, the cost for each student will be $35, 12-15 Firefighters will need to be certified, Chief Alvord is working on funding.

Equipment – 2111 is getting stuck in pumpProcedure for ff rehab was put in place, CSFA Rural Fire retention and recruitment workshop in Sacrament March 12-13, reimbursement is available.  Chief Alvord is planning on attending this workshop.  

Sleeper Program Reports – Sleeper Hamilton reported the new floor tiles are installed. Quilters and S-290 class was here.

C.         Committee Reports:

a.      Recruitment Committee – None

b.     Collections Committee – Scott and Williams will volunteer to go to court for collections.

c.      Contract Committee – None 

d.     Budget Committee – Budget committee met and will look into meeting again for another mid budget review.

e.      New Board Member Committee – Mr. Helsley and Mr. Williams met and discussed the one application received.  The committee recommends to the board for Mr. Dee Potter to fill the empty board position.  Legal Advisor Mr. Hammer went over the code sections regarding a new board selection.  Filling the board vacancy will at the next regular board meeting.

D.         Directors Reports – Mr. Helsley reported helicopter memberships will increase next year from $35 to $50 memberships. 



V.              CORRESPONDENCE: None

VII.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1730 hours.

Approved: March 1, 2011




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         Bill Britton, Chairman                                                    Marjie Maddox, Clerk