Regular Meeting –March 1, 2011


           I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Bill Britton at 1600 hours.  Members present: Bill Britton, Larry Helsley, George Owen and Dee Potter.  Member absent: Mike Williams.  Others present: Chief Alvord, Legal Advisor David Hammer, Captain Prindiville, Firefighter Kormeier, Sleeper Heryford, Jessica and Sabrina Prindiville and Clerk Marjie Maddox.


                        Chairman Britton reminded the board there will be a Special Meeting at 4:00 p.m. next Tuesday.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting February 1, 2010

B.      Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries MSC: Helsley/Owen to approve the consent agenda as presented.


       III.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.         Discuss/Approve – appointment of new board member – Dee Potter was appointed as the new board member to take over the remaining of Steve Howard’s term ending December 31, 2011.


                        INTRODUCTION OF NEW BOARD MEMBER



B.          Discuss/Approve – request hall rental fee waiver for Weaverville 4-H meetings to be on a month – Jessica Prindiville addressed the board to ask if the Weaverville 4-H club will be able to use the meeting hall once a month on a Monday night, she hopes to get 15 members but currently only has 3 families interested.  Jessica reported the scout hall is booked 7 days a week at this time.  The 4-H club will clean up after every meeting.  MSC: Owen/Potter to approve the fee waiver for Weaverville 4-H club to hold their meetings on a monthly basis.

C.         Discuss/Approve – replacement of Hazard Reduction Administrative Coordinator – Chief Alvord reported Mr. McMillan would like to move on from this program and find a replacement by the end of this month, there are members within the Department that are interested.  There was discussion on how this position will be filled.  MSC: Owen/Potter for Chief Alvord to take applications, interview and come back to the board with a recommendation at the next Regular Meeting.

D.         Discuss/Approve – presentation of Ordinance #11-1 the 2010 California Fire Code with amendments – Chief Alvord requested this item be tabled until the next Regular Meeting.

E.          Discuss/Approve – strategic planning, appoint committee member – Chief Alvord reported at last months meeting he presented a rough draft to the board, the board instructed him to discuss the direction the Department would like to go an revisit it next month.  Chief Alvord reported the Department would like a member of the District to be on the committee.  Chairman Britton appointed Mr. Helsley to be on the strategic planning committee.

F.          Discuss/Approve – AFG grant, potential budget impact of $800 – Chief Alvord reported he has spoke with L.N. Curtis representative James Stone, Mr. Stone recommends to go for turnouts, hose and nozzles for this grant, and these are items that he sees being approved from FEMA at this time.  MSC: Helsley/Owen to move forward with the AFG grant.

G.         Discuss/Approve – reimbursement for volunteer appreciation dinner – Chairman Britton reported that in light of receiving the first round of property taxes and not seeing the projected shortfall, we did not have to cut the awards banquet budget, Chief Alvord and the board paid for part of the banquet out of their pockets.  Chairman Britton requested to approve $280 that was spent out of pocket.  MSC: Helsley/Owen to reimburse $280 for the volunteer appreciation dinner.



A.         Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Chairman Britton reported Mr. McMillan is in Hyampon giving a Hazardous Reduction presentation.  Mr. McMillan included a report to the board showing the status of the program and his request to find a replacement Hazardous Reduction Coordinator.

B.          Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report: Chief Alvord Report: Chief Alvord reported

Inspections – 2 plan checks were completed this month 1 garage and 1 lot split.

Walked through the mill, they are in the process of creating new plans.

Equipment – E-2112 found an oil leak in the cab and the leak has been fixed, E-2111 has a new shelf installed the rear compartment, hydro process has been started on the air bottles.  2 pagers and 1 flashlight have been fixed by RWS.

Misc – Chief Alvord is working on the new Ordinance code changes.  Chief Alvord will be on vacation the last week of March. 

Station #1 – had a rat and now we don’t, water heater went out and is now replaced, flag pole light is out and we will have a new Sleeper after March 16th.

Sleeper Program Reports – New floor in the meeting hall was finished.

Department Report – Cal-Fire training with Douglas City, the new simulator equipment is being used successfully, MCI mass casualty class was cancelled due to the weather, and BLM classes S-200, S-290 and on March 12 will be the S-231.  There was discussion about the DMV changes in Firefighter licenses.  There was also discussion on forming a new auxiliary group.  1 Firefighter has relocated to Oregon, 2 new members were voted in, and 3 applications are out right now.

C.         Committee Reports:

a.      Recruitment Committee – None

b.     Collections Committee – None

c.      Contract Committee – Chief Alvord reported the county has submitted the warning beacon contract again.

d.     Budget Committee – Chairman Britton reported the volunteers would like to be part of the Districts budget committee, there was discussion amongst the Board members, and Chairman Britton appointed Firefighter Kormeier to the budget committee.

e.      New Board Member Committee – Remove from the agenda.

D.         Directors Reports – None



V.              CORRESPONDENCE: None

VII.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1717 hours.


Approved: April 5, 2011




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         Bill Britton, Chairman                                                    Marjie Maddox, Clerk