Regular Meeting –July 6, 2010


            I.               CALL TO ORDER: The Regular Meeting of the Weaverville Fire Protection District was called to order by Chairman Steve Howard at 1700 hours.  Members present: Steve Howard, Bill Britton, George Owen, Larry Helsley and Mike Williams.  Member absent: None.  Others present: Chief Smith, Legal Advisor David Hammer, Battalion Chief John Erwin, David Hunt, Barbara Hunt, Sleeper Jeffrey Hamilton and Clerk Marjie Maddox.


         II.               CONSENT AGENDA:

A.     Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting June 1, 2010 -

B.     Approve Warrant List and Journal Entries MSC: Helsley/Owen to approve consent agenda as presented.


    III.               ACTION ITEMS:

A.         Discuss/Approve Hydrant Variance for Barbara Hunt, off of Liberty Lane – Chief Smith reported Barbara Hunt will be splitting 1 parcel into 3 parcels for a subdivision.  Chief Smith went over Chief Alvord’s letter; there will be new fire code that states, ½ the flow is required when the house is sprinkled.  Dave Hunt reported he was worried that they would not reach the 500 gpm, even if they installed the required hydrant.  There was discussion regarding other options if they fail being over 1000 feet from a water source, and the new law that will take effect in 2011 requiring all new buildings will be sprinkled.  Mr. Britton reported that we will go on the expertise of Chief Smith, if he expects to get 500 gpm from the installed hydrant and it fails, Mrs. Hunt will not be required to install a secondary system. It was stated that 500 gpm with sprinkled house, is better than a 2,500 tank.  Mr. Britton assured Mrs. Hunt the Fire District will provide her with a letter stating that if they place a hydrant, they will have to sprinkler all of the houses that will be built in the future; we will not require secondary water source if the hydrant does not meet 500 gpm.  MSC: Britton/Helsley directed Chief Smith to grant a variance to Mrs. Hunt stating ok as is 6” main, 1 hydrant (best estimate to achieve 500 gpm) no one can build on the lots with out putting in a sprinkler system. Language added in later by Legal Advisor Hammer

B.       Discuss/Approve adding Hayfork Fire Department to the Automatic Aid Agreement – Chief Smith reported on the changes Hayfork Fire would like made to the automatic aid agreement, Hayfork Fire Chef Dave Leoffler expressed that he would like Hayfork Fire added into the agreement.  There was much discussion about a 45 minute drive time to reach Hayfork.  This seems like a long way for an auto aid agreement, if they have large fires they can always request us.  There is still a master mutual aid plan with the state.  There was discussion on the intent of automatic aid, it is for a boundary resource area, and this is just not that case.  MCS: Britton/Helsley to not enter into agreement to add hayfork to the auto aid agreement, and still honor the master mutual aid agreement that is in place, Chief Smith will write a letter explaining the reason and state we will always honor the master mutual aid plan that is already in place.

C.       Discuss/Approve Employment of 1-2 Volunteers for the Hazardous Reduction Program – Chairman Howard, reported the weed abatement program will be to reduce light fuel loads and will put a few of our volunteers to work, this will be paid through the Title III grant, 2 of our volunteers have applied for this program. Mike McMillan will still be administering the grant process.  The 2 applicants are Firefighter Howard and Firefighter Hamilton.  MSC: Williams/Owen to make a motion to accept the proposal and hire 2 volunteers as employees through the Hazardous Reduction Program.  All in favor, one abstains. Chairman Howard recused himself from the vote.



A.         Hazardous Reduction Progress Report: Chief Smith stated he did not have much to add to the letter that Mike Presented.

Fire Chief/Marshal’s Report: Chief Smith report Scott is in New Orleans, McMillan is on vacation in Easter Island

Inspections – Trinity High School fire alarm test, Tank placement off of Browns Ranch Road, Tank placement off of Brickworks lane, Building permit for the Mill

Plan Reviews – House Plans on Browns Ranch Road, Barn Plans on Browns Ranch Road, and an Addition on Kelso Avenue.

Hydrants – Annual hydrant inspection for Sydney Gulch Trailer Park, and Jeffrey and Nathan painted the hydrants on Main Street for the 4th of July.

Vehicles – E-2112 was out of service from the oil sending unit, and then was out again due to a coolant leak.  E-2111 was postponed being painted until E-2112 is back in service.  U-2161 had some minor body damage to the passenger side during the 4th of July.

Meetings – Meeting with Mr. Owen, Mr. Morris and Amy Gidelson from the Trinity Journal to discuss the warning beacon for a press release.  At the TCCA meeting the following was discussed: Mr. Hall is interested in the radios upstairs and will look at them soon.  The Hurst Tool has been surplused to Down River Fire.  Chief Leoffler has applied for pagers and radios on the AFG Grant.  Looking for participants to do a Emergency Services Relay for Life Team.  Mr. McMillan offered to build a Trinity County Emergency Services website.  Mr. Fields from Shasta/Trinity ROP announced he will be starting a new Fire ROP program at Trinity High School.  Trinity County has chosen to stay with Nor-Cal.  USFS went over the 2010 AOP.  Chief Smith reported on the following meetings he had:  Mrs. Hunt regarding fire flow for a lot split.  Workmen’s Comp meeting regarding a case.  Attended a Funeral for Ken Scott from Douglas City.  Gave a tour of the Fire Station to a small group of 3 boys.  Met with Assistant Chief Alvord, Mr. McMillan and Mrs. Maddox regarding the Hazardous Reduction Program.  Met with Mrs. Hunt regarding the hydrant layout for her parcel split off of Liberty lane.

Misc – Mr. McMillan has completed his Class B.  1 Firefighter has completed his FRO class, 8 Firefighters have completed the EVOC class.  Chief Smith attended the Trinity High School Graduation where 6 Junior and Firefighters Graduated.   Chief Smith thanked everyone who was involved with the 4th of July and reported the fireworks and parade went well.

B.         Sleeper Program Reports: Jeffrey reported he plans to fix a few tiles that are broken, and security has been fine.

C.         Committee Reports

a.     Recruitment Committee – Mr. Helsley reported we have received 2 more volunteers, we are now up to 34, 2 ff on a leave of absence.

b.     Collections Committee – None

c.      Contract Committee – Chief Smith reported he has met with Dero Forslund once, he has not returned with any information regarding the warning beacon contract.

d.     Budget Committee – Chairman Howard, reported it has taken some time to get the reports, as soon as they come in the budget will be in progress.

e.     Director Reports: Chairman Howard read Policy 10-1.  This item will be on next months agenda to be adopted.  Chairman Howard thanked Cal-Fire for all of their help during the 4th of July.  The items for the Rotary Grant have been purchased.  Pat Frost from the Chamber will be retiring from heading up the fireworks; she is looking for an organization to take over.  Mr. Helsley reported there may have been minor damage to the hand pumper over the 4th, this will be looked into.




V.              CORRESPONDENCE: None


VII.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1805 hours.


Approved: August 3, 2010




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         Steve Howard, Chairman                                        Marjie Maddox, Clerk