Weaverville Fire Department – Bylaws - revised, adopted 7/6/11

Bylaws establish the operating rules for our non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, “Weaverville Fire Department”.

The corporation does tax-free fund-raising and spending, in support of the District’s firefighters.

Link to the new bylaws…

Important provisions: [highlited yellow in the bylaws]

·        In all known previous versions, new members were always elected by a vote of the membership. In the new version, all official Weaverville Fire District firefighters are automatically members. This essentially is the way it’s been done for years. A District-specified background check is performed; the chief and some captains do an interview; and if all is well, the applicant becomes a District firefighter and a member of the corporation.

·        Currently only firefighters are members. But the new version anticipates non-firefighter District volunteers, and opens membership to them. Qualified firefighters will be known as ‘Regular’ members; others will be ‘Associate’ members. But the corporate rights & responsibilities of the 2 classes are equal.

·        Currently probationary firefighters have no voting right. In the new version, all Regular & Associate members can vote. [Juniors & Honorary members can’t.]

·        Quorum for conducting business is proposed to be only 1/3 of the voting members.


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