Graduation Day - by Larry Masterman             photos

Local volunteer firefighters and their leaders recently gave up their weekend for advanced hazardous materials first responder training hosted by the Hayfork Fire Department.  The two-day training prepares emergency personnel to provide safe and effective early response to all types of hazardous materials emergencies, and to provide for public safety while awaiting arrival of a more specialized team from Shasta County. 

Students represented fire departments from Hayfork, Lewiston, Post Mountain, Trinity Center, and Weaverville, as well as the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services

Hazardous cargoes are often transported through the county by truck, and a number are routinely used and stored by local businesses and families.

Instructor Larry Masterman thanked the class for giving up one of the first pleasant weekends of the year, as well as the opportunity to attend Kool April Nights, the Red Bluff Roundup, and events within the county. 

The training was provided at no charge through a Homeland Security grant administered by the Sheriff's Office and Trinity County Life Support.